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The Original Indura®

Westex’s original INDURA® flame resistant 100% cotton fabrics are specification materials engineered to provide optimum performance characteristics for industrial protective clothing. Introduced over a decade ago, INDURA® fabrics became the first effective competitor to synthetic flame resistant fabrics. Westex utilizes high strength ring-spun yarns in the construction of the base fabric and only the highest quality dyes available for cotton fabrics are used in the dyeing process.

Through information collected from the marketplace over the past decade, we can document an expected garment life for INDURA®. The two parameters that impact most on garment life are the severity of work activity and the fabric physical and abrasion resistant characteristics.

INDURA® 100% cotton fabrics offer:

  • Guaranteed flame resistance for the life of the garment.
  • Multi-purpose protection from electric arc, flash fire, molten ferrous metal and welding exposures.
  • Comfort of Cotton.

For more information on Indura® fabric, please visit the Westex website.


      Laundering & Care of Indura® Garments


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