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GlenGuard® (Kermel®)

Proven Track Record
New to the North American marketplace, GlenGuard®Kermel® fibers were developed more than 20 years ago in Colmar, France. They continue to be the aramid fiber of choice in Europe.

Inherent Flame Resistance (IFR)     see chart

GlenGuard®Kermel® fibers have “built-in” flame resistance. This means that all fabrics and garments made from GlenGuard®Kermel®fibers will assume these same flame resistant properties and will need no further flame Resistant treatments, coatings or finishes.

Excellent Thermostability
Thermostability means that GlenGuard®Kermel®fibers are unaffected by relatively high temperatures. GlenGuard®Kermel®fibers comply with all heat and thermal resistance standards worldwide.

Maximum Comfort
Traditional aramid fibers lack comfort. As a result, garments manufactured from aramid fibers require a finish to create softness of touch. The problem is that finishes are not permanent and wear off over time. Kermel fibers revolutionize the "comfort zone." Fabrics made from GlenGuard®Kermel® fibers have a cotton-like softness. This, along with Consoltex Twill Weave, offer a new level of comfort not currently found in such demanding professions as refining, petrochemical and electrical utilities.

Exceptional Colorfastness
One of the greatest challenges facing aramid fibers is their ability to maintain color when exposed to light. GlenGuard®Kermel®® fibers are solution dyed at the source. This means that the fiber itself is dyed. This results in fabrics and garments that hold their color up to 8 times longer than those manufactured from competing aramid fibers. Fabrics and garment made from GlenGuard®Kermel®fibers regularly maintain their color durability after 500 hours of exposure to light.

GlenGuard®Kermel®fibres have a very high resistance to abrasion. They also have an excellent resistance to chemicals. GlenGuard®Kermel® is solution-dyed during the manufacturing process for lifelong color fastness as shown in the chart below. Colours can withstand UV lights and washing.

0 Hrs
20 Hrs
40 Hrs
80 Hrs
160 Hrs
320 Hrs
500 Hrs



  • Coveralls
  • Kermel Knitwear

    Laundering & Care of 100% Kermel® GlenGuard® Garments


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